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Anxiety & Depression IV Therapy, Fort Worth


a happy woman after anxiety and depression IV therapy

About Our Anxiety & Depression IV Therapy

When dealing with anxiety and depression, even everyday tasks that never used to feel daunting can become insurmountable. Everyone is different, and what works to manage your anxiety and depression might not work for someone else. 

If you’ve been battling anxiety and depression with little to no relief, it’s easy to lose hope that you’ll find a solution that works for you. Luckily, alternative treatments are growing, particularly for anxiety and depression. 

IV therapy has been proven to help patients living with anxiety and depression, thanks to the combination of vital vitamins and other ingredients. If conventional treatments aren’t working anymore or have failed you completely, turning to IV therapy might be what you need. Contact us today to learn more about managing your anxiety and depression with IV therapy.


Abundant Life uses functional medicine as well as the body’s capability with support to heal itself. God created us in His image and designed our bodies to do just that. All of the practitioners are knowledgeable, professional and genuinely interested in helping us heal. The best part is that it is natural medicine. I highly recommend Abundant Life Wellness to anyone truly interested in healing and staying healthy.

Anna Lisa B.

a man doing IV drip therapy for anxiety and depression
a health practitioner preparing an IV drip for anxiety and depression

Anxiety & Depression IV Components

At Abundant Life Wellness Center, we offer a variety of infusions that cater to almost everyone. Each infusion combines different components in specific doses to combat anxiety, depression, and more.

B Complex

B Complex combines various B vitamins that help your body break down proteins and fats while still converting them into carbs for energy. We use a vitamin B complex, which is a combination of the following B vitamins: 

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine): This vitamin is essential to help alleviate stress and is anti-inflammatory. It can help regulate your metabolism and keep your blood sugar healthy. It’s been helpful for those dealing with atherosclerosis, kidney stones, and even ADHD. 
  • Vitamin B12: Since anxiety and depression are centered in the brain, B12 is vital for us to use because it helps with brain function. It can help create new blood cells, alleviate brain fog, and is something many adults already lack. 



This vital mineral helps support brain function. Magnesium is incredible at helping people improve their mood and brain function, which can be invaluable to those dealing with anxiety and depression. 


NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

This is a coenzyme that your body naturally produces. NAD helps maintain muscle function and tone, healthy cell growth, and fight tissue damage. This component is significant for your overall health which can help with anxiety and depression. 

Other Components 

In addition to the components mentioned above, we also use a combination of other components to help treat anxiety and depression and improve overall health and well-being, such as: 

  • L- Lysine
  • Glycine
  • Glutathione
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Mineral Blend
  • Taurine

Indications and Benefits

There’s a lot of skepticism when it comes to holistic treatment methods. IV therapy for anxiety and depression is a relatively new concept, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective as a treatment. Several indications suggest that the treatment improves symptoms and benefits those living with these mental health struggles. 

Ketamine Infusion IV

Many people hear the word “ketamine” and immediately write it off. Many scientists believe that ketamine can be a great tool to help people combat anxiety. It can do so by boosting the neurotransmitter glutamate while creating new pathways in the frontal lobe. 


IV ketamine works quickly, bypassing the traditional serotonin path and acting as an antidepressant. While it has an antidepressant effect, it’s different because it’s more instantaneous instead of taking days to weeks to boost glutamate. 


As we age, the levels of naturally occurring NAD decrease. Add stress, problems sleeping, drug use, and mental health issues to that, and it can decrease even quicker. NAD IV therapy can help restore your body’s NAD supply. 

Not only will this help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms in most people, but it can also benefit your overall health.

Contraindications and Risks

As beneficial as IV therapy can be for those living with anxiety and depression, there are situations where someone shouldn’t get the therapy or use it cautiously. Before administering any infusion, we take vitals to ensure the individual’s vital signs are typical. 


Anyone with abnormal vital signs or in a medical emergency shouldn’t use IV therapy for their anxiety and depression symptoms. This also applies to those with congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic kidney disease (CKD), and renal failure. 


As with any medical treatment, there is a risk of adverse reactions. While it’s rare, some components in each IV therapy might cause allergic reactions in some people. Always make your physician aware of any allergies prior to treatment to hopefully avoid these reactions.

Cost of Anxiety & Depression IV Therapy in Fort Worth, TX

We strive to make our IV therapy as affordable as possible so that anyone seeking holistic treatment for their anxiety and depression can find relief. The infusion cost will vary depending on which therapy you choose and whether you’re a member. 

Our members get discounts on their therapies, but even our non-member prices are generally affordable. As a member, IV therapy can cost anywhere from $120 to $300, while non-members can see prices ranging from $150 to $350 depending on the therapy chosen.

Key Takeaways

When traditional medicine isn’t working to treat your anxiety and depression, IV therapy might be what you’re looking for. Ketamine and NAD infusions are quickly becoming some of the most popular and effective ways to treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression without waiting days to weeks to feel relief.


Manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression with IV therapy. If you’re ready to take control of your health, schedule an appointment with us at Abundant Life Wellness Center today.