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Jennifer Trejo

Founder & Naturopath

Abundant Life Wellness Center was founded by Jennifer Trejo. Jennifer became interested in natural health and a more holistic way of life after her father died unexpectedly from a heart attack at the age of 59. Out of a determination to learn how to improve her own health and finding a passion to help others do the same, Jennifer left her career in international human resources and completed her Doctorate in Naturopathy.


Jennifer was trained by Dr. Kharrazian in Blood Chemistry Analysis from a functional/preventative perspective as well as in complex autoimmune conditions. Jennifer also continues her training through the Institute of Functional Medicine which was founded in 1991 by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the founder of the functional medicine discipline. In response to a need she has seen rising over the last few years, she is additionally training under Dr. Ben Lynch on MTHFR and other genetic mutations that impact mythelation and detoxification function in the body. Dr. Lynch founded www.mthfr.net and is the leading researcher in this area that impacts over 45% of the U.S. population (many of whom are unaware).


Jennifer has also earned her Bachelors degree in Business from Dallas Baptist University and her Master in Business Administration from the University of Dallas. In addition, Jennifer has trained under Dr. Datis Kharrazian who is considered one of the leading experts in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, and complex neurological disorders.


Jennifer’s education and training as well as the use of the most advanced technologies and professional-grade supplements, allow her clients to receive natural, quality health services. Knowing that there is often better and safer alternatives to pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs and surgery, Jennifer is excited to help educate her clients how to live healthier and more holistic lifestyles. She knows this allows bodies to do what God created them to do best, heal naturally in a healthy environment.


Jennifer lives in Fort Worth with her husband Thomas, daughter Lauren and son Matthew. She enjoys her family’s active schedule, spending time with friends, reading, and being involved with her church.

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Rachelle Wilson


Rachelle has had a passion for health and wellness and a desire to serve others as for as long as she can remember. Through her own personal health journey, she discovered the calling that God had placed on her life to help bring healing to others. Rachelle attended Tarrant County College as a registered nursing student and soon after decided to choose a more holistic route in her education. She transferred her studies to Trinity School of Natural Health and then a few years later to New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies where she obtained her Doctorate Degree in Traditional Naturopathy.


Rachelle has over 20 years of experience in serving others in a ministry capacity. While pursuing her studies and education, she was employed by various ministries, sharing the love of Jesus and serving those that were in need. She believes that we are all made in the image of God who is a holy trinity.  As such, each of us are made up of a spirit, a soul and a body and for true healing to take place, all three parts must be supported for optimal health. Her love for people, her passion for holistic health and wellness combined with her extensive ministry experience makes her a great addition to the ALWC family.


Rachelle enjoys the blessings of being a wife and mother of 4 children. When she has time outside of raising her identical twins, she loves to travel, hike, read, work out and meet new people. She feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity to serve clients of ALWC. She is thankful for the opportunity to help ALWC clients achieve optimal health and wellness so they can go out and fulfill the calling that God has placed on their lives!

Tandy Dowdy


From a very young age Tandy was drawn to everything natural and holistic. It wasn’t until she was faced with her own health struggles that she was introduced to Functional Medicine. This journey led her to find Abundant Life Wellness Center where she became a client and started her healing process. After being in the dental field for twenty-five years she decided to make a career change. Tandy diligently prayed for God to lead her on the path he wanted, and this opened doors she could have never imagined.
Tandy was called to attend Trinity School of Natural Health where she completed her studies to receive her Naturopath degree. She is Board Certified by The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners, and is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is trained in Blood Chemistry Analysis and is very blessed to have Jennifer Trejo as her mentor. She looks forward to educating her clients at Abundant Life Wellness Center on becoming the person God created them to be and living their best, healthy life possible.
Tandy and her husband Kolt are native to Parker County where they reside and have a show cow business. Their family is very active with this and shows cows at all the major stock shows and jackpots. When they are not showing cows they are taking their son to team roping’s where he competes, or watching their daughter cheer. Tandy also enjoys spending time with her horses and dogs, reading, exercising, and cooking healthy meals.
“My Command is this: Love each other as I Have loved you.”
John 15:12

Dr. Rodney Lindsay

Medical Director

Dr. Rodney Lindsay is the Medical Director at Abundant Life Wellness Center. He earned his MD degree at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and completed his Family Practice Residency at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas, TX.


He Served 3 years of active duty in the US Air Force as a Primary Care Physician at Beale Air Force base in Marysville, CA before returning to Dallas, TX. After a year of primary care practice in Dallas, Dr. Lindsay then started a skilled nursing home only practice in the DFW metroplex. It was during his full time nursing home primary care practice that he saw the need for chronic wound management and developed a passion for wound care. Five years into his nursing home practice he was asked to be the Medical Director of a wound care center in Denton, TX where he established himself as a wound care only physician and grew as a key opinion leader in the wound care community.


Almost 6 years later, he was sought out by the Baylor Scott & White Health System to be the Medical Director of their wound center in Carrollton, TX and remains at the helm although the hospital name changed to Carrollton Regional Medical Center after being sold to a physician led private investment group. Dr. Lindsay retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves, as a Lieutenant Colonel completing 20 years of service


He is married to his lovely wife Melissa of 17 years and has 2 boys – Reid is 12 years old and Riley is 9 years. His interests include travel and wine collecting. Dr. Lindsay also had the rare opportunity to RIDE IN and FLY an F-16 fighter jet!  A 16-year dream come true!

Sarah G. website

Sarah Grantham

Nursing Manager

Sarah is a Registered Nurse and is very excited to be a part of this amazing team.  She attended Texas Woman’s University and graduated with her Bachelors in Science, Major in Nursing in May of 2018.  After graduating she completed her residency program at Methodist Dallas Medical Center where she continued to work for two years before relocating to Fort Worth.  While working in the hospital she became passionate about incorporating holistic medicine with conventional medicine realizing the importance of having both to provide the best care for patients. Her passion is to use her work to share the love of Jesus by helping those around her achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.


Her passion is to see people healthy and thriving at life not only physically, but as a whole, body, soul, and spirit. She says she will never stop learning and strives for excellence in all she does to bring her best for her patients.


In her free time she enjoys traveling, camping, and spending time with her husband and puppy



Jamie Deal


Jamie was born and raised in Texas.  Spent her whole life living in the DFW area.  She is a Registered Nurse and knew from a very young age that wanted to be a nurse and help people.  She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Texas Women’s University in 2004 and started her career as a NICU nurse.  She has spent many years not only taking care of sick and premature babies but working to creating bonds and support their family members as well.  After her second child was born she started learning about the chemicals in household products.  This started developed a passion of cleaning up her home and lifestyle for her family.  She believes in functional medicine and is so excited to join the team at Abundant Life Wellness Center!
Jamie is married to her husband Eli and they are getting close to celebrating 20 years of marriage.  She has a son Elijah, a daughter Avery, and two rescue dogs named Stone and Bailee.  She loves reading, baking, listening to podcast, and watching movies.

Lindsay Carpenter


Lindsay is a Registered Nurse and has been a part of the ALWC Infusion team (primarily Saturdays) since March 2021. During the week she is a full-time Biologic Infusion Nurse serving patients in the auto-immune area. She graduated with her nursing degree from Weatherford College in 2011 and has worked in almost every area of nursing; with her favorites being Infusion, Emergency Room, Pre-Op/PACU, and Hospice.
She is a very proud mother of two teenage boys, a German Shepard named Ash, and tortoiseshell kitty named Stormy.  In her free time, she enjoys cooking for friends and family, traveling, and watching her New Orleans Saints!
Aboundant Life & wellness

Tricia Mendoza

Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach


Tricia is a native of Fort Worth. Her journey to ALWC began with a love of science. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of North Texas. She began working for a large pharmaceutical company and was there for 13 years. However, Tricia had an awakening about her career choice after her son developed eczema, food sensitivities, severe nut allergy and an inability to detox from various chemicals coming from food, vaccines and other environmental sources. This ignited a fire in her to find ways to help her son heal. That is when she was introduced to functional medicine and alternative therapies. Her son is now free from the nut allergy, has beautiful skin and was able to find relief from the toxic chemicals that were so difficult for his little body to remove on it’s own. They give all glory to God for his healing and continued health because they know we can not do any of this alone!


After this experience with her son and finding balance in her own life with nutrition and lifestyle choices, her desire to help others with similar issues grew stronger. Tricia decided to learn various body work modalities and became a bodywork therapist while also attending and graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She began helping her clients in her private practice learn more about how to heal from the inside out. She continues to study functional medicine modalities and detoxification methods. She is excited to join ALWC as the Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach! Tricia is here to help those who are ready to work on healing and balancing their bodies with the help of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and living a Christ-centered life. She is passionate about building relationships and providing continuous support to those on their wellness journey.

Donna Stacy

Holistic Esthetician

Donna has a passion for all things natural and healthy. She always searches for the natural, God-given way to heal our bodies.  She is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a licensed Esthetician.


She loves teaching people what foods are essential for beautiful skin knowing that what you put on the inside of the body is just as important as what you put on the outside.  She worked in a European skin care clinic for 15 years.


Donna has 4 grown sons and 10 grandchildren. She loves to hike, swim, and does Pilates every day.

Inger Russ

Emotional Wellness & Neurofeedback Practitioner

Inger has been a long-time client of Abundant Life Wellness
Center after seeking answers for her son’s health issues. Inger
is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of
experience working primarily with the geriatric population. She
is also a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach as well as
an IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback Certified Practitioner.
Inger has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of
South Carolina and received her coaching certification from the
Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Her passion is the
mind body connection with an emphasis on brain and
emotional health.


In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her sons,
traveling to North Carolina to visit her family (and the beach),
and spending time with her adorable Pomeranian, Bentley.


Joan Massey


Along with many others, Joan “got to Texas as soon as I could” with her family at a young age!  She finished school in the lower Rio Grande Valley, and came to Fort Worth to go to Texas Christian University. With a background in music and a degree in Speech Communications in Human Relations from TCU, she has enjoyed positions in the educational and financial industries and several others areas. Working in administration and customer service, Joan better appreciates what customers want and expect in a high quality environment.


As a widow with two sons (one having gone on to our Lord Jesus and being with his Dad in heaven), Joan enjoys time with her remaining family and many activities with friends, especially arts/ crafts/ sewing. Serving in her church family brings Joan joy. The Lord is good – all the time – no matter what – period! Joan looks forward to serving our wonderful clientele at Abundant Life Wellness Center however she can! She can’t wait to see you soon!

Susie website

Susie Brooks

Certified Lymphatic Practitioner & Thermography Tech

A long-time client, Susie came to know Abundant Life Wellness Center almost a decade ago and immediately felt welcomed and overjoyed by the ALWC community. She now has the privilege to share her love for holistic medicine as a part of the team!


She is more than thrilled to share her passion for health and wellness by helping others to find that very same feeling. She believes in the benefits of natural medicine and has a heart for helping others. Susie has worked extensively in interior design and visual positions as Pottery Barn, West Elm where she worked with clients to help them love their “Place of Space.”


Susie thrives best in environments that are active and socially oriented. She is always looking to gain wisdom and looks forward to helping others find that healthy lifestyle that is best for them.


Susie enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, close friends, traveling, snow and water skiing, bible studies, shopping and of course – decorating!

Raena Drayton

Thermography Tech

Raena is a native Texan and proud Baylor graduate. (Sic ’em bears!) She is excited to be a member of the ALWC team and has grown up around holistic health principles that have shaped the way she views healing and living a balanced lifestyle. Studying nutrition in her undergraduate and graduate studies have made her fall in love with the physiology of the body and how food can be used to heal ailments. She is a true extrovert who loves talking to people and is passionate about educating others on health and nutrition.
Raena is a big movie and music lover, and she’s probably starting a new Netflix series or re-reading her favorite novel in her free time. She also loves creating art and has an eye for digital design. For fun, she takes joy in testing out new  recipes, spending time with loved ones, going on walks, and practicing pilates to stay active.
Rachel headshot

Rachel Young

Office Manager

Rachel was born in Fort Worth, Texas and is Proud and Honored to be apart of the ALWC Team!  She has a versatile back ground that has provided her with a plethora of skill sets and Rachel feels God has shown her a divine direction to be in the Holistic Health and Wellness field.


She started her Holistic journey back in 2014 when she realized that she was always getting sick on a monthly basis and didn’t understand why. Using Essentials oils first opened up her world into understanding a different direction into healthcare. In 2019 She came to ALWC for the first time and began learning more about her own specific body’s needs and what to do for herself. Ever since she has only had the flu twice and knows how to deal with seasonal allergies at home without having to see a doctor all the time.


She enjoys spending time with her husband Chris and her Sister Katy (who is also apart of the ALWC Team). As a hobby, Rachel enjoys going on nature walks and and taking bubble baths while reading a good book. Going to fun new foodie spots and watching movies while spending quality family time is the biggest fulfillment in Rachel’s life. She loves spending time with animals and would someday love to be a foster home for old dogs who would otherwise be looked over.


Kristi May

Office Assistant

Kristi is a compassionate individual that has always loved to help others. Her boy’s are the light of her life! So as she began her journey through motherhood, only the best would suffice. Holistic health became a big part of her life. Having studied esthetics before starting a family, she already had a passion for product/ingredient knowledge. While being a stay at home mom and helping her family start a business, she wanted to continue utilizing the skills she attained. Making her own products for herself and her family using essential oils and other natural ingredients became a hobby.



When her health began to struggle and Medical Dr.s failed to help, she began to broaden her knowledge and gain awareness on what was going into her body. Learning more about quality food/supplements, holistic healing and how to implement those things into her life, as well as her loved ones, became a rewarding pursuit.



When she’s not doing crafts or playing outside with her boy’s, she continues to explore the many platforms of natural healing/living. Getting to be apart of such a strong team that changes so many lives is beautiful blessing she is extremely grateful for.


Denise Steinbock

Products Specialist

A native Oklahoman, Denise comes to us with a super passion for wellness, faith and family! Introduced to natural medicine over 20 years ago trying to overcome her own health challenges, she loves to help others become a healthier version of themselves. She has a background in marketing/sales as well as health coaching and is excited to become a part of this practice.


Denise has 2 teenage boys who are very involved in sports and a busy business owner husband so life is never boring. When the family is not at sports activities, they like to ride 4 wheelers, swim in the pool, or travel to the beach!

Client Testimonials

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