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Abundant Life Wellness Center

John 10:10 I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

We hope you will take time to look at the many services we offer to help you achieve the health you have always wanted.  If you are confused about where to start with improving your health, if you are tired of not feeling well or if you want to make sure you are as healthy as possible, Abundant Life Wellness Center is here for you.

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(817) 379-3770 | Get Started Today

Book now for these services:

  • Holistic Esthetics
  • Holistic IV therapy
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Allergy Elimination
  • Multi-wave PEMF mat
  • Detox services

Who We Are

Abundant Life Wellness Center is a holistic health practice, offering state-of-the-art technology combined with individualized service. At ALWC, we believe that each person should be approached as a whole, integrated being and not just a collection of symptoms. Each person is biochemically different from one another. Therefore, no two people who come to us will receive the same recommendations and plan of action. We customize the way we help people based upon their individualized needs. Our goal is to get your body to a state of  balance where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.

What We Do

Abundant Life Wellness Center offers a wide range of services to get your body to a state of balance where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.

IV Therapy

Our customized approach to IV therapy can help optimize your immune system, improve hydration, enhance your mood, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Holistic Esthetics (Facials)

Holistic Esthetics at Abundant Life Wellness Center are dedicated to enhancing one’s self esteem and confidence by visibly reducing skin imperfections and the signs of aging while improving the skin’s overall appearance.

Holistic Nutrition

As we begin to develop a picture of your overall health and diet, we can start to build a plan to help you take the steps needed to help you reach your goals.


Breast Thermography, Thyroid Thermography, Carotid Artery Thermography.


Helps people of all ages see dramatic improvement in ADHD, anger, mood problems, anxiety, depression, migraines, seizures and more.

Allergy Elimination

ALWC uses the SET-DB Allergy Elimination technique to bring relief to our clients.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is to bring Hope to our clients by using effective, natural solutions for their health challenges to bring glory to God.

Client Testimonials

View a Testimonial

Find Relief

Our clients often find relief from issues and conditions such as:

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Auto-Immune Disorders

Trapped Emotions

Chronic Infections

Thyroid Imbalances

Hormone Imbalances


Fatigue and Sleep Disorders

Food & Environmental Allergies

Joint and Body Pain

And so much more!

Get your body to a state of balance state where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.

Get your body to a state of balance state where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.

Do you need prayer?

Appointment Reschedule
*Please note that if you have to cancel your appointment to do so within 48 hours of your appointment time. Otherwise, you will be charged for the amount of your service.

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