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NAD+ a.k.a. The Fountain Of Youth

What is it?

NAD+, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that is naturally found in all living cells. Coenzymes are “helper molecules” that assist in

converting food into energy for our body to use. NAD+ is specifically found in the mitochondria; the powerhouse of the cell. NAD+ controls other key processes, such as, strengthening the immune system and setting the body’s internal clock. As we age, the level of NAD+ produced decreases, leading to decreased energy in the body. This reduction of NAD+ will inhibit

the ability to repair cells, maintain energy, regulate mood, maintain overall immune health, and much more. NAD+ infusions have been shown to prevent cell damage and increase cell regeneration leading to a healthier and longer lifespan.


What does it do?

NAD+ supports healing at the cellular level by binding to proteins that your body will use to revitalize cells. It is exceptional at boosting overall well-being, brain function, and energy. 


A few other benefits of NAD+ IV therapy include:

Clears brain fog *  Manage chronic conditions * Increase energy * Increase immune health * Increase cardiovascular function * Enhances mood *Anti-aging

What to expect:

It is common to experience some side effects during the infusion. What is experienced varies from person to person and will be constantly monitored by an ALWC registered nurse. 


Some of the expected side effects


– Slight nausea/ GI discomfort

– Lightheadedness

– Headache

– Sinus pressure

– Muscle aches


It is important to note that these symptoms only occur while the infusion is happening. Once the IV is removed, the symptoms resolve and feel better than before. ALWC has recliners that make for a relaxing and comfortable experience.

What we offer:

– Small NAD+ (250mg)

o Recommended for people who have never tried NAD+ therapy before. It is a

good way to establish tolerance, which varies from person to person.


– Large NAD+ (500mg)

o Good for people who have previously had NAD+ therapy and know what to




– Drink plenty of water before your IV appointment.

– NAD+ infuses slowly. Prepare to be at the clinic for 2-3 hours for the small dose (250mg) and 3-4 hours for the large dose (500mg).

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