Allergy Elimination Technique

What is The Allergy Elimination Technique

Are you tired of constantly suffering from allergies and seeking relief? Look no further than Abundant Life Wellness Center’s allergy elimination technique, SET-DB. Created by Dr. Teryl Boothe, this protocol promises to eliminate sensitivity responses, giving you the freedom to enjoy life without the constraints of allergies. But how does it work, and is it truly effective? Let’s dive into the history of allergy elimination treatment and the science behind SET-DB.

SET-DB is a protocol that works to eliminate a sensitivity response. When SET-DB is utilized on a client, they should no longer react to what they were having an issue with. Dr. Boothe believes that his protocol works every time, with very few exceptions. Using the Zyto biofeedback software, practitioners at Abundant Life Wellness Center determine what items in a specific category are stressing a person’s body. Once the stressors are identified for the client, the protocol is used to eliminate the sensitivity response.

While there have been other allergy elimination protocols over the years that purported to eliminate a sensitivity response, they have seemed to have fallen by the wayside. The SET-DB protocol is effective, and it has a shorter avoidance period compared to other treatments.

In conclusion, Abundant Life Wellness Center uses a natural approach to eliminate allergies with the SET-DB protocol. The protocol is effective and works to eliminate the sensitivity response. With the help of the Zyto biofeedback software, practitioners at Abundant Life Wellness Center can determine what items are stressing a person’s body and effectively treat it.

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