Oxygen Steam Sauna

oxygen steam sauna

Oxygen Steam Sauna

Give your body the oxygen it needs with an oxygen steam sauna. Sedentary lifestyles, lack of proper nutrition and exercise, unrelieved stress, shallow breathing, and polluted air and water are factors contributing to a condition of low oxygen in our body.


The steam cabinet is a pleasurable experience. Because of the moist heat, the pores are open, and the capillaries are dilated. The skin is the largest organ of elimination. The person sweats the toxins back out, avoiding the dump of toxins to the liver and colon which can bring on the symptoms of toxic shock overload. Instead, the person emerges from the steam cabinet feeling extremely relaxed and mellow. This is an ideal way of counteracting the stress of the day.

What are the benefits of Oxygen Steam Sauna?

  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Improving brain function and memory
  • Inactivating viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and protozoa
  • Promoting cleaner, softer and rejuvenated skin
  • Enhancing cell respiration
  • Relaxing and loosen muscles, increasing flexibility
  • Dilating blood vessels to increase circulation, relieve pain and help injured muscles
  • Increasing metabolism of organs and endocrine glands

Oxygen has been used to help with viral, bacterial, fungal, and yeast problems, as well as arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and a host of other diseases, many of them considered incurable. The major use in America has been for help with cancer and hepatitis.

A Brief History

Oxygen therapy has been used for over 100 years all over the world. Dr. Otto Warburg, a two-time Nobel Prize winner in medicine (1931 and 1944) did considerable research on the body’s need for oxygen and claimed the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease is a condition called hypoxia (oxygen starvation at the cellular level). Today, health practitioners are realizing the significance of Dr. Warburg’s work and the important role this element plays in maintaining health.

Oxygen Steam Sauna Pricing

  • 30 minute session

  • Package – 4 sessions


Get your body to a healthy, balanced state where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.

Get your body to a healthy, balanced state where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.