Happy New Year to all of our cherished clients and friends!
The holiday season is a wonderful time, full of celebrations with family and friends, and Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations help us all come together!Although we love this time of year, we also know that holiday eating and drinking can have a negative effect on your health. If you feel like you have overindulged over the holidays, following a healthy detox can boost your physical and mental energy.
We’ve created the New Year ReSET to help get you back on track and headed toward your 2022 goals!
The New Year ReSET is a 14-day group cleanse that contains supplements and drink mixes to be used for the entirety of the cleanse. 
You Will Also Get: 
Email support through the 14 days & up to 3 days post cleanse
List of clean swaps for household and personal care items
Guidebook with meal ideas & list of approved whole foods for cleanse
Access to FS to receive discount cleanse kit and lifetime discounts on FullScript supplements
Links to websites with discount codes to Rowe Casa, Queen of the Thrones (castor oil packs) and Redmond Re-Lyte electrolyte drink mixes 
Activity tracker to track daily activities /habits during the cleanse and keep yourself on track
The cost is $99 per person to join the group (kit separate $180). Click on the link below to purchase and join! Once we receive payment, you will receive a link from us to order your cleanse kit. 
The New Year ReSET starts January 17th! Sign up today so you can order and receive your cleanse kit in time to start. After clicking the button below, click “CLEANSE” on the righthand side of the screen.