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Lymphatic Colonic

Lymphatic Colonic

Abundant Life Wellness Center combines Colon Hydrotherapy with the Lymphstar Pro’s (LET™, Lymphatic Enhancement Technology) vibrational sonic waves and electro-static fields to further increase the lymphatic fluid flow and decongest your system.

The lymphatic system feeds every cell and organ in our body through a network of ducts, vessels, and nodes, by moving and distributing fluid. When functioning properly it cleanses tissues, aids in cellular repair and eliminates toxins.  Conditions that have reportedly benefited from lymphatic drainage are breast lumps, inflammation, chronic pain, joint aches, arthritis, allergy and respiratory issues, headaches, hormone imbalance, heavy metal toxicity and fatigue.

Decongesting the lymphatic system prior to colon hydrotherapy provides a complete detoxification and cleansing process, by first promoting circulation of the lymphatic system and then clearing the body of these toxins, in addition to plaque and other waste material via the colon. With the best of these two holistic approaches, our clients experience improved health and quality of life.

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