Get Ready to Detox for 2017

Posted on 11. Jan, 2017 by in Preventative Health

detoxWe are using the newly formulated Metagenic’s Clear Change Detox to help you kick off 2017 on a healthy note.  The Clear Change Detox comes in a 10 or 28-day program with 3 new delicious flavors: vanilla, berry and chai. This program is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities.

This 10 or 28-day program includes:

  • Renew UltraClear – a nutritional powder for metabolic detoxification, including support for alkalinization, balanced liver detoxification capacity, and heavy metal metabolism. This powder has a low-allergy-potential rice protein base to help support detoxification of potentially harmful compounds by the liver and reduce exposure to food allergens.
  • AdvaClear—supports balanced metabolic detoxification activity and provides antioxidant protection against reactive oxygen intermediates produced during the detoxification process. It also delivers nutrients designed to enhance the activities of several liver detoxification enzymes.
  • Free shaker cup—convenient way to mix a nutritional powder.
  • Program guide—easy-to-follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes.

The 10-day program is ideal for anyone wanting to benefit from an occasional “Spring Cleaning” or somebody who eats a reasonably healthy diet, exercises regularly, and manages stress adequately.

The 28-day program is ideal for those with decreased vitality, individuals who eat a diet heavy in processed food and/or lacking in beneficial phytonutrients, or those who have a sedentary or high stress lifestyle.

20% off Nutritionist Services after Detox.  After completing your 10 or 28 day cleanse it is an ideal time to see our nutritionist, Anna Solis, to make lasting changes in your weight, health, and disease prevention.  We are offering 20% off Anna’s fees for anyone who signs up for either Detox.

The cost for the 10-day program is $105 and for the 28-day program is $285.  Please call to place an order.

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