We have many patient success stories to share with you. Neurointegration training has had a positive impact on so many people, who now have a drug free and non-invasive alternative for treatment of common ailments. Listed below are several success stories, told from the people who experienced this revolutionary new system.

Felicia is helping all four members of our family to individually and
collectively break away from emotional hinderances. An example: one of us struggled with an obsessive intolerance for clutter, at the expense of family peace. At the end of an emotional release session with Felicia, she challenged the family member to stop doing chores for a week . After one tough week of practicing the new behavior, the previous anxiety, resentment and friction are gone! We now enjoy a friendly group camaraderie as we all share the housework. Felicia identifies the trapped emotion, works to release it and, when needed, suggests positive replacement behaviors. We give thanks to Felicia and to God for His healing and the freedom we are receiving!
- Georgia B

I had an Emotional Release Session with Felicia, and it was helpful in revealing an emotion that I really needed to work on: insecurity. I knew I struggled with this, but didn’t know to the full extent, and Felicia (during the Emotional Release Session) revealed that it was very strongly ingrained and needed a lot of my attention and work in overcoming it. I am grateful for this session that helped bring clarity to the specific emotion that I needed to work on.!
- Christa B.

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect with emotional release. However, I was truly amazed at how I felt after my first session… I not only felt lighter emotionally, but spiritually and physically too. I felt peace and I felt rested. Felicia is precious and it is obvious that God has blessed her with a great passion to help people find healing through emotional release. I am looking forward to my next session!.
- Jennifer Y

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