As part of my naturopathic health programs, I use the Bio Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) bia-machine_fat-vs-lean-muscle-tissue-and-water-hydration-levelsequipment to monitor patient progress. The results obtained give insight into a patient’s overall cellular health, water retention, dehydration and body fat percentage to lean muscle mass percentage.

Bio-Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) is a technique used to determine the composition of the body, particularly the body fat levels.

  • protects our organs
  • helps regulate body temperature
  • stores vitamins
  • helps the body sustain itself when food is scarce
  • In excess: excessive hormone release, storage of toxins and risk of metabolic syndrome (insulin insensitivity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high waist to hip ratio).

It is commonly assumed that body weight alone is an indication of a person’s fitness. However, weight can change and fluctuate independently from body fat levels. For example, people on diet and exercise programs may notice fluctuations in weight while the body fat levels steadily decline. Thus, body fat scales that measure both overall body weight and body fat levels give a much clearer picture of the state of the body. Bio Impedance Analysis is one such tool.

B. I. A. measures body composition by passing a small and safe electrical current through the body tissues. The water and fluids carry the current throughout the body. Impedance of the current is greatest in fat tissues, while fat-free mass allows the signal to pass much more quickly and easily.
With the measure of the impedance levels, it is possible to determine the body fat, fat-free mass and other composition values. Height, weight and other physical measurements are recorded and used in calculating the B. I. A. This technique is commonly used by athletes to monitor fat loss, muscle gain and general health. Since B. I. A. can also be used to determine the hydration in the body, it can help athletes who are in training and is also useful to people who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Bio-Impedance Analysis is a valuable tool to measure progress along your journey towards optimal health. It can serve as a motivating tool for people wanting to lose weight or as an indicator of progress achieved. The B. I. A. test is conducted on-site, takes only a few minutes and the lab results are available for immediate review.