Flu Shot Dangers & Influenza Research

Posted on 17. Sep, 2017 by in Uncategorized

Dr. Jay Davidson’s Podcast Dr. Jay Davidson explains why he believes the flu shot is not what it is cracked up to be. He thoroughly goes through research he has extensively gathered along with exploiting the ingredients that are used in the flu shot. Whether you get the flu shot or stay away from it, [...]

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Glyphosate warning: Unfavorable birth outcomes for moms exposed to Roundup

Posted on 22. Aug, 2017 by in Uncategorized

Posted by: Dena Schmidt, staff writer in Dangerous Chemicals New data was recently presented at a children’s health conference warning the public about the grave danger of glyphosate, the active ingredient in weed killers like Roundup and similar herbicides. When glyphosate gets into the systems of expectant mothers, the risk of a number of adverse [...]

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The Downside of Mammograms

Posted on 24. Apr, 2017 by in Uncategorized

by Chris Kresser Mammography has been the medical industry’s “gold standard” breast cancer screening tool for nearly four decades, and the procedure has been pushed on women with great zeal by physicians, public health programs, and cancer organizations. However, mounting scientific evidence indicates that mammography may not only be far less effective than we have [...]

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Leaky Gut: Can This Be Destroying Your Health?

Posted on 15. Mar, 2017 by in Uncategorized

Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a major cause of disease and dysfunction in modern society, accounts for at least 50% of chronic complaints, as confirmed by laboratory tests. In LGS, the epithelium on the villi of the small intestine becomes inflamed and irritated, which allows metabolic and microbial toxins of the small intestines to flood [...]

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The Hidden Allergies That Could Be Causing You Serious Distress

Posted on 13. Mar, 2017 by in Preventative Health

When you get a sudden onslaught of sniffles, teary eyes, or a hacking cough, it’s easy to make the connection with crazy amounts of ragweed and pollen in the air—or maybe even your friend’s cute (but super-triggering) dog. But what about ongoing health issues like weight gain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, or digestive issues? [...]

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Get Ready to Detox for 2017

Posted on 11. Jan, 2017 by in Preventative Health

We are using the newly formulated Metagenic’s Clear Change Detox to help you kick off 2017 on a healthy note.  The Clear Change Detox comes in a 10 or 28-day program with 3 new delicious flavors: vanilla, berry and chai. This program is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate [...]

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Gluten Intolerance: Is It A Fad?

Posted on 09. Jan, 2017 by in Preventative Health

By Dr. Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM (NM), MS Nutrition You probably have heard the grumbling from some people, saying how could gluten intolerance be real, we’ve eaten wheat since biblical times and that this is all in people’s heads. You see whole sections of supermarkets devoted to eating gluten-free, and restaurants trying to keep up [...]

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Low-Carb Cornbread

Posted on 13. Nov, 2016 by in Recipes

by elanaspantry.com I’ve been serving this Low-Carb Cornbread at our Thanksgiving dinner for years and it’s quite a hit. We love it smothered in my Paleo Gravy, or dipped in my incredible 3-Ingredient Cranberry Cherry Relish. The boys enjoy it year round when I melt butter and honey together and drizzle it over the warm cornbread straight out [...]

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Leptin 101: How This ‘Hunger Hormone’ May Be Preventing You From Losing Weight

Posted on 10. Nov, 2016 by in Preventative Health

by Kayla-Changing Habits What is leptin? Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells in white adipose tissue. Leptin is a master hormone and sends a signal to the hypothalamus in the brain to let it know how much fat is to be stored. It controls our hunger and feelings of satiety. What is leptin’s role? [...]

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Have Routine Mammography Screenings Failed Women?

Posted on 20. Oct, 2016 by in Preventative Health, Thermography

By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director Breast Cancer Action Around 40,000 individual women die of breast cancer each and every year. Sisters. Mothers. Daughters. Spouses. Friends. For each of these women and their loved ones breast cancer is a personal tragedy. Breast cancer is also a public health crisis and social justice issue. Despite decades of [...]

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