The Gut Hormone Connection

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Traditional modern medicine compartmentalizes and, in turn, we compartmentalize our bodies a little too much. If the gut’s got troubles we go to a GI specialist. If we have a hormone imbalance we visit an endocrinologist. This tendency seems like the natural response to the complexity of the human body and to the mystique of [...]

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How to Enhance Mood, Immunity and More Through Digestion

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By By Dr. Isaac Eliaz Your body’s many systems work closely together to maintain optimal health, so when one system is off balance it can trigger a domino effect, potentially igniting a cascade of chronic health complications. One system that is particularly responsible for overall well-being is your digestive system — a strong, yet delicate [...]

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3 Foods to Eat – Plus 3 to Avoid – to Heal Your Adrenals

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By Sara Gottfried, MD After taking care of patients for the past 25 years, I’m accustomed to the push back that occurs with adrenal problems. (In fact, I suspect you’ll have a few yourself in response to this article, and I look forward to hashing it out in the comments section). I get it – [...]

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Critique of Proposed Regulations of Homeopathic Medicines and Alternative Proposals

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In December 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced their interest in protecting consumers from “potentially harmful, unproven homeopathic drugs.”1 The FDA is proposing to nullify its previous guidelines by which homeopathic medicines can be marketed. Instead, the FDA would deem all homeopathic medicines to be “unapproved new drugs,” which would make them [...]

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Menopause Remedies Designed to Balance Your Hormones and Help You Lose Weight Naturally

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(Natural News) Of all the discomforts that can accompany menopause – including insomnia, mood changes and hot flashes – the most frustrating of all may be unintended weight gain. The fact is: the lifestyle choices women successfully used to maintain healthy weight in their 20s and 30s may begin to fail in menopause.  According to nationally recognized [...]

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15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should Be Eating

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Inflammation is your immune system’s reaction to irritation, injury, or infection. It’s a normal response (and actually a good thing), and it’s a natural part of healing. But it’s possible that chronic inflammation could have a negative impact on your body and your health. Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to counter some of [...]

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6 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

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As you might know, sweating is a great way to burn calories and rid your body of unwanted toxins. But how do you sweat when you’re injured, or unable to exercise? I like to sweat in an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas help your body release a number of toxins, including heavy metals like mercury and [...]

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Can Mammograms Cause Cancer?

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Breast cancer now affects about 1 in 8 U.S. women at some point during the course of their lifetime. The Breast Cancer Organization estimates that as of early 2016, approximately 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S alone. (1) Although survival rates for breast cancer have gone up in [...]

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Are Root Canals Really a Cause of Cancer?

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By Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS Dr. Weston Price was one of the first researchers to understand the association between root canals and illness. Specifically that root canals can cause the destruction of systemic health and the development of chronic illness. Many doctors today believe that root canals are the infected sites of origin which [...]

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How to Prevent Colds and Flus Naturally

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Since cold and flu season is now upon us (at least in the U.S.), I figured I’d take the opportunity to share my favorite tips for natural prevention and treatment. Prevention A nutrient-dense, toxin-free diet: avoid the foods that tend to weaken the immune system, such as sugar, unprepared grains, industrial seed oils and processed and [...]

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